[TUTORIAL] After Effects: How to Create a Seamless Solid 2D Audio Spectrum/Waveform Bar Effect

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Tutorial Description: Hey Guys! Today I am showing you all how to use After Effect’s Audio Spectrum Effect to create a seamless solid audio spectrum/waveform bar effect, just like I have done in many of my intros on TGODdesigns!

At bear-bones, the effect consists of three main concepts. First is creating the solid audio spectrum. You can acchieve this by increasing the amount of audio spectrum bars. Next is compositing two spectrums on either side of the bar. Finally, you can use track mattes to create a solid moving bar with audio spectrums on either side of it. Optionally, you can add a nice texture to the spectrum using a similar track matte method.

Hopefully you find this After Effects tutorial on Audio Spectrums useful, and I look forward to seeing you all back here next week for another tutorial!


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