TUTORIAL: Advanced Text Animation in After Effects – Day 1

This is the first of 5 tutorials about advanced text animation in After Effects.

Simple Text for After Effects: http://www.2deadfrog.com/simpletext

Project with the animations of the tutorial series: https://gum.co/2df_advanced-text-animation

Written version of the tutorials: http://www.2deadfrog.com/create-5-advanced-text-animations/

Tutorial about how to use a controller to create text animation: http://www.2deadfrog.com/reinventing-text-animation-in-after-effects/

Have control over all the details of your text animation in After Effects using this technique.

In this first tutorial we will do a ‘wave’ of letters, in which you will edit the bezier curves of the movement path in your character.

If there are any questions leave a comment, I’ll be happy to answer!

Jack, 2DF.

Duration: 00:04:36