Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 – "Offset" (Flipping the files)


My name is Demeter.
If you search somebody who can help with video montage, just text me. I can create an amazing video for you.

Video editing is my life. It’s a time machine for me that you’ll be forever like you were at that moment. This is an excellent way to advance your ideas in order to achieve the necessary goal.

If it works for you, we can cooperate.

If there are inaccuracies resulting from my work – there is an opportunity to correct.

I offer these services:
1. Video editing;
2. Content creator (instagram, youtube or other sites);
3. Short-or-longtime videos (wedding, lovestory, traveling, funny moments, gameplay etc.);
4. Video for your channel (youtube or other sites).
5. Intro/Outro videos.
6. Logo.
7. Fix and video correction.
8. Video transitions.
9. Сolor correction and other posibilities.
10. Advertising for company or your projects.

Support for my channel:
Thank you!

My skills: 1. Adobe Premiere Pro.
2. Adobe After Effects.
3. Adobe Photoshop.
4. Adobe Illustrator.

e-mail: demeterzsila@gmail.com
telegram: @Demeter_Studio
instagram: demeter_studio

Duration: 00:00:43