Turn Videos Into Stylized Animation with A.I | Disco Diffusion & After Effects Tutorial

In this video, we look at how you can use AI technology to turn real-life footage into a stylized animation.

Disco Diffusion v5.2: https://colab.research.google.com/github/Sxela/DiscoDiffusion-Warp/blob/main/Disco_Diffusion_v5_2_Warp.ipynb

📁Project Files:

Original clip: https://www.pexels.com/video/man-wearing-raiden-costume-7777393/


🔗 Software & Plugins:
VC Saber: https://bit.ly/2LIVms4
After Effects: https://prf.hn/l/ZYg0GWV
Topaz Video AI: https://bit.ly/3t04Otl

💻My Laptop:
ConceptD 7: https://acer.co/MDMZ-ConceptD7
Web: https://conceptd.acer.com/
Social: http://acer.co/ConceptD-Social

⏲ Chapters:
Intro 0:00
Tools needed 0:23
Introducing Disco Diffusion 0:40
How to Stylize 0:52
AI Prompts 4:58
Enigmatic_e 5:24
How to run the AI 5:46
Convert Frames to Video 7:06
Electric Transition Effect 8:19
Export Video 10:38
Enhance Animation Quality 10:53

Best Prompts:
[‘cypunk, futuristic, mechanic, dystopia, trending on artstaion, by greg rutkowski, 8k’]
[‘digital painting, nature, colorful, illustration, sketch, spring, greenery, fantasy, featured on artstation, 8k’]
[‘digital painting, nature, kyoto, japan, fantasy, featured on artstation, 8k’]
[“spooky, halloween, scary, fantasy, mystical, mist, scary, fantasy, featured on artstation, 8k”]

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