“Tripl3ts! + 1” Mock End Title Sequence (Final 2D Digital Animation Project)

This is the final project for my 2D Digital Animation class at the College for Creative Studies.
It is a fake end title sequence for a personal project of mine called “Tripl3ts! +1”, which I have been developing for three years as a possible feature film.

It was made to resemble a retro Nintendo video game, as the story of the project takes place in the late 1980’s, one of the most colorful decades of the 20th century.
It recaps the plot of the story, in which three teenage alien siblings named Jack, Zack and Rachel raised by humans since infant hood reunite with their long-lost mother, father and younger sister Ariel, rescue them from an evil two-headed monster and return to their home planet Zargo.
The ending is a parody of poorly translated congratulatory text at the end of NES games like “Ghostbusters” and “Ghosts ‘n Goblins”. So the bad spelling was intentional.

To create the 8-bit look I wanted, I built all of the sprites and backgrounds on Microsoft Paint, imported and animated the sprites on Photoshop, exported them as TIFF sequences and composited it all on After Effects. The arcade text used for this sequence is called Emulogic and can be downloaded off of the Internet for free using the link below:

I do not own any of the music or sound effects featured in this video. All music and sound effects are credited at the beginning of the video and belong to their respective owners.
Music found here: https://soundcloud.com/xdigitalrush/jump-van-halen
Downloadable version here: http://mp3.waptrick.me/mp3/162309699.html
The only sound effect not borrowed from another Atari 2600 or NES game was the laser sound which I created myself using the cfxr, which can be downloaded from the link here:
NOTE: This is a FAKE end title sequence. Although the names in the credits are real, they were not involved in the making of this video.
Made with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects CC 2014 and Microsoft Paint.

Duration: 125

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