[TRICK/TIP] Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC Tutorial: How To Trim, Cut & Edit YouTube Videos 100x Faster

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📝 Premiere Pro Tutorial Video Description:
In today’s Premiere Pro CS6/CC 2014/2015 Beginner Tutorial/How To/Trick/Tip, I will be showing you how to customize Adobe Premiere Pro’s keyboard shortcuts to better optimize your editing workflow. For me – this method makes trimming, cutting and editing YouTube videos 100x faster and easier! If you want to see more of these YouTube Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tricks and Tips from me, make sure to click the like button above to let me know! I plan to be uploading a lot more of these YouTube Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials every other week-ish, so make sure you are subscribed and keep your eye out for that! In addition, I plan to be doing some Adobe After Effects CC tricks and tips, in the near future! Keyboard Shortcuts are awesomely efficient!

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