Trevor J Walker – Editing Reel 2024

A selection of videos I edited while working at Fortnight Post or as a Freelancer.

Music: “Divinity” by Porter Robinson

The intro and outro titles were made by creating AI generated images in Adobe Photoshop, running them through RunwayML’s Gen-2 system to add motion, and then edited in Adobe After Effects to add the text, effects, and speed ramps. I’m a strong believer in exploring these new AI tools and experimenting with how they can help assist creativity and develop interesting ideas at a rapid pace. In this case, I “heard’ the clouds, bubbles, and purple and pink colors in the music, then figured out how to best generate prompts to produce them.

00:06:05 – Bon Appétit with Princess Cruises
00:10:21 – Bon Appétit with Braun
00:15:23 – Bon Appétit with Peapod
00:20:05 – Bon Appétit with Helen Levi & Starbucks
00:27:13 – Vertigo Drift “Tuesday Talk” Music Video with Parker Dixon
00:30:06 – The Manimals “Bury Me Here (Lockdown Edition)” Music Video
00:32:20 – The Lowline “The Lowline Story”
00:38:06 – The Manimals “Modern Muse” Official Lyric Video
00:44:21 – Bon Appétit with Peapod
00:52:12 – The Manimals “Bury Me Here (Lockdown Edition)” Music Video

Duration: 63

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