Torn Paper Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

In this quick Photoshop Tutorial, we will see how to create the popular torn paper effect, which is a quick and simple effect to create. So all we gotta do is apply some layers masks and use a good quality torn paper image that I have as a PNG format for you guys. You can create this with two portrait photos with slightly different poses if you want, or you can use just one portrait as I did in the video and then we will put one in black and white plus a little bit of grain on it, and one we will keep with the origin color to make the effect more nicer. Thank you for watching

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●Photo Effects made in Adobe Photoshop CC (always the latest version)
●Video Editing made in Adobe After Effect and Camtasia for zooming and cursor highlights
●Screencast with Camtasia Studio 9

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Duration: 00:06:28