Top 5 TRIPPY Music Video Effects (NO PLUGINS) | Premiere Pro Tutorial

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“Trippy” is the best way to describe most “Viral” Music Videos today. Here’s my top 5 TRIPPY effects, free of charge.

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Top 5 TRIPPY Music Video Effects (NO PLUGINS) | Premiere Pro Tutorial

So Today I’m breaking down in my opinion the Top 5 TRIPPY Music Video Effects in Premiere Pro with No Plugins. These Video effects are super simple to use, and work great in Music Videos. Did I mention No Plugins are required? Let me know which ones you like the most!

EFFECT 1 – ECHO – This effect creates a visual echo on your clip, by duplicating the initial clip, and playing it at a delayed speed, with a screen blending mode.

EFFECT 2 – VR DIGITAL GLITCH – This effect gives you full control over digital glitches over your footage.

EFFECT 3 – CHANGE COLOR / LEAVE COLOR – These two effects are great for creating intriguing color effects in your video.

EFFECT 4 – VR CHROMATIC ABBERATIONS – This effect is basically an RGB split on steroids!

EFFECT 5 – LENS DISTORTION – This effect lets you manipulate the curvature of your footage to achieve some amazing effects!

My Gear:
Sony a7sII Body –
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Metabones Adapter –
JOBY GorillaPod 3K Kit Compact Tripod 3K –
Neewer Lighting Kit –
Neewer Tripod –
MacBook Pro –

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