Top 5 Must Have Final Cut Pro X Effects And Plugins

Get your films to standout with these 5 must have Final Cut Pro X effects and Final Cut Pro plugins.

Once you’ve finished an edit where do you go from there? What things do you consider doing to set your video apart and make it look big budget?

Does it have to be difficult or are there easy things you can do to make a big difference?

I love to obsess over quality and explore different effects and transitions that get me to a new unique look and style that feels less ordinary and unlike what everyone else is doing.

If you’ve been looking around for different ways or plugins to spice up the titles in your video, add some really cool transitions, remove unwanted noise, explore different 3d effects or do color grading that takes the final polish of your film to a Hollywood level…

Look no further than these top 5 must have effects:

#5 – Stupid Raisins Titles
#4 – Dynamic Transitions from FxFactory
#3 – mO2 from MotionVFX,mo2,p2345.html
#2 – NeatVideo
#1 – Cinema Grade

What’s really cool about each of these tools is that they can be modified and customized ever further to fit with your own style further establishing your own unique brand.

The Cinema Grade plugin we’ve made special mention of allows you to circumvent the difficult process of doing high-end color grading but do it in a NEW way allowing to grade directly on your images and get real time previews of your favorite LUTs and presets.

You can try it for free for 7 days and get 20% off with code ‘youtube20’

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