Top 10 Most Popular No Copyright Background Music Used By YOUTUBERS | Most Viewed Songs [NCS]

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to new content on my channel. I decided to publish a monthly top 10 songs that are free to use for Youtubers and your video projects. These songs are based on my choice and investigation of other YouTubers and what they use. I hope you will find something for yourself in my video. The download link of every song you can find below. Stay safe!

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Lordsse Presents (0:25)
Style Tropical (0:40)
Bensound – HappyRock (3:02)
Bensound – Moose (3:57)
Deaf Kev – Invincible (5:12)
Dubstep (7:29)
Electro Light – Symbolism (8:33)
NCS Release – Invisible (11:02)
Kovan & Electro – Skyline (12:42)
Safety Net – Riot (14:02)
Take You There – Spectrum (14:44)
Outro (16:30)
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