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To Darkness – GIMP Fantasy Manipulation Tutorial | Photoshop editing in GIMP.
Learn how to Change background, Retouching, photo manipulation, and designing a poster in GIMP.

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STOCKS download►
Forest =
Model =
Starry Milky Way =
Door PNG =

Keyboard Shortcut Keys used in this video:
M = Move tool
Q = Alignment tool
F = Free select tool
G = Gradient tool
P = Paintbrush tool
O = Colour Picker tool
Delete = Clear
Ctrl + I = Invert
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Shift + E = Eraser tool
Shift + S = Scale tool
Shift + R = Rotate tool
Shift + F = Flip tool
Shift + Ctrl + A = None

00:07 – Preview
00:19 – Stocks
00:25 – Let’s Start

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Duration: 00:25:33