Tilt Shift Photoshop effect

Tilt Shift Photoshop effect how it is done.

The idea came about when a friend took one of my images and turn it into a toy town affect. I was so interested I went out and film around Brighton.

The task that I set myself was to film and edit in one day and upload to Vimeo.

I progress a little since last month and decided to share some of my ideas and start with my first tutorial in how to add a tilt shift effect in photoshop.

Later I will show you how to apply this effect in After Effects. So it is my first attempt no script, I just thought it my head click record. Hope you learn something useful in the tutorial.

Other free tutorials can be viewed at http://www.asahiart.co.uk

Animation in After Effects using pen tool example here http://www.asahiart.co.uk/Pages/Donut_City.html

Rob Chisholm

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