Tierney Dower Plans

My animation was created on After Effects. The images are my own, all of which have been created in Photoshop. The audio was sourced from two main sites. For sound effects I used freesound.org and for the background music I used incompetech.com. The video at the end of the animation was captured using camtasia which is a screen recorder/capture software. The fonts that are used are from dafont.com.

My animation shows what I currently do/want to do in the future such as being a blogger or becoming a YouTube commentator. I decided the best way to communicate these ideas would be through a 2D animation incorporating text, video and audio. I wanted to keep my design simple so that it was easy for people to understand, so I used mainly text as I didn’t want to overcrowd the screen using both images and text and thought it would be easier to convey my ideas. I decided to frame my animation in a computer monitor as the majority of the things I do need a computer. For my future plans, I decided that I wanted to add my own take on one of my three future plans. I choose YouTube commentator as this would be one of the more fun options to choose. I created a simple YouTube outline and then recorded some gameplay footage using Camtasia and then rescaled it and made it fit to the outline. I added this as I thought my animation could do with some imagery.

The production process mainly focused around the animation of the text, in which I mainly used fades as this was a simple and easy to use animation as key frames etc could be moved around. When incorporating sound I had to make sure that it linked up correctly with what was happening with the text etc.

Duration: 30

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