the working dead

trench humour.
Theres a gag to be put in the end but hadn’t finished it. Used the same pen as the band one because I liked the look of it but realize for slow stuff – if I’m going to put in frames and make it less stilted/storyboardy- then it should be a more uniform thickness line.
Also think sketchbook pro needs adjustable layers and the ability to drag and copy more than 1 keyframe at a time.
Also realised its important to not get caught up with drawing it all(even though I was trying to explore/text the drawing thing)
or doing it all in sketchbook pro if I were to draw in it.
– even a simple scene has to be split up and would be better pieced together in After effects- ie fg pieces, dead guy, maybe flies on paths in After effects- a waft of fumes over the top,.
Kind of leads back to using photoshop instead.

Duration: 13

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