The Voice – Planet Voice

Client: The Voice (TV music channel)
Agency: mediagrill
Service: 3d modelling, lighting, animation, compositing
Software: Cinema 4d, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Visuals by pixelasm | |

About project:
The client asked for a seasonal and localized package containing openers, text/graphic inserts and closers. The animaition is used between commercials and shows to separate those elements visually and also promote events, other shows etc. I also produced the other three season packages each for the four countries Denmark, Sweden, Finnland and Boulgaria.

First I started with modelling the planets and produced some still frames, so that the client was able to comment on the style. After their approval I started working on the animation itself doing lots of low poly test renders to check just the timings. When they were to my liking I started the full resolution renderings which I then imported to After Effects and did the Postproduction there.

Duration: 18

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