The Voice – Choice / Dobbelt Op

Client: The Voice (TV music channel)
Agency: mediagrill
Service: 3d modelling, lighting, animation, compositing
Software: 3ds MAX, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Visuals by pixelasm | |

About project:
Their core show needed an opener, text/image inserts and a closer. During the phase of the TV stations overall visual relaunch the cube deriving from their logo got some more emphasis in all their onair and print tools. Therefor I was wondering what to make up of just only cubes and stumbled upon the greeble effekt quiet fast.

Project setup:
For those details on the cubes I used the free greeble plugin, which subdivides and extrudes polygons randomly. I then put several cubes and boxes into a particle emitter which I animatad along a spline, added some hand animated Cubes here and there and that was mostly it. The compositing in After Effects was just about cutting several cameras together, filling in a background and colorgrading all of it.

Duration: 57

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