The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge Part 1. The link for Part 2 is at the end of this video. This is a remake of my most popular video but updates to Adobe’s latest version. This is a complete guide on how to use Adobe Bridge. Bridge is an browser used to quickly display a variety of file types. Bridge can be used to open files, sort files, share files and work collaboratively. I originally planned on making on one video in this series but decided to break it up because of its length.
Time Stamps
Bridge Preferences 11:48
Layout 20:18
Folders 23:49
Photo Downloader 25:09
Layout Cont. 32:15
Culling 37:10
Layout Cont. 40:52
Windows 43:15
Filters 44:34
Collections 45:35
Export 48:54
Metadata 51:05

Duration: 00:53:30