The Two Ways to Animate in Photoshop – Timeline Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we’re going to cover the two methods of animation in Photoshop—frame animations and video animations.

The first of these (frame animations) uses small changes from one image to the next to create the appearance of motion. Think claymation or stop motion. This is how traditional 2D animation is done. For this project, we’ll also explore the latest Camera RAW interface, photomerge and some hidden features of the timeline.

The second type of animation that we cover is video animation or timeline animation. This is the modern style of animation used in most video motion software. In this method, you create a keyframe in time and then move forward in your timeline and change something about your layer—position, opacity, etc.—and create a second keyframe. Photoshop then creates a seamless transition between the two keyframes. With this, we create a simple before and after animation.

For this, we do a before and after animation.

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Duration: 00:33:36