Programm used: Adobe After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC

Song: “Guren no Yumiya” Attack on Titan Lullaby Version by AmaLee (LeeandLie):
⊹ YouTube-Link:
⊹ Vocals & Lyrics: AmaLee (
⊹ Music & Mix: Luke Thomas (
Original Song: Linked Horizon for the Anime Attack on Titan / 進撃の巨人 / Shingeki no Kyojin

Footage: Edited and drawn by Jack Hermes (aka. WalnutJack)

Started: 14.01.2015
Date finished: 09.01.2016

My Animated Music Video. It was a tough project! It consumed over 150hours+ in total, maybe even more? I worked everyday atleast around 2 to 3 hours on it, sometimes even more for about one year (of course with some vacation inbetween)- but it was worth it.

The Project started simple. Back in January 2015, I wanted to make a simple Animation Music Video. At first, I had the idea to draw each frame by hand, but the idea got scrapped. I tested it with a ten second clip but that clip took to much time. I knew if I want to make a 3 minutes or even longer music video, I would have lost my motivation. That is the reason, why I chose to make a animation video by moving layers or rescale layers.

So I started to find a good concept for my music video. During that time, I just finished watching the Anime “Attack on Titan” and I fell in love with the music. So I found some awesome covers in Youtube. I contacted many artist, if I could use their song for my project and happily AmaLee told me I could use her song cover.

After that I instantly started to work on it! I heard the music for about 200 times and analyzed beat, voice tune and length. I made notes how and when a new scene should happen.

AmaLee made a Lullaby Version of the original song. So I wanted to make a storyboard, which would fit the feeling of the song. I finally came up with a child, a teddy and a monster. The Teddy would protect the child from the monster. Before AmaLee sended me her message, I had already some alternative music to choose from. There was the storyboard much “funnier”, because I wanted to make a music video where a guy has a crush on girl and tries to get her. But this idea got scrapped, because I enjoyed the music from AmaLee alot more 🙂

So, after I made my concept, I started to draw some random scetches.

After I had scetched my main characters, I made simple storyboard. The storyboard shows the camera angle and the main focus on the scene. My scetch book was also happy, because I did not used it for a long time.

In the meantime, I also read some books for animations and hints.
I can really recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit, it is awesome! It has some nice picture-tutorials in it and the text is funny and precise. The Chuck Amuck is a nice addition to it (a family member gave it to me when I was like 4 years old). A small history about animations and concepts from the Bugs Bunny artist. I just noticed that my book is even signed from the artist- awesome!

It was a hard project, but I am glad that I had the motivation to finish it and I am also proud of the final result.

Duration: 236

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