The Secrets of Brandon Fugal | Entrepreneurship and Paranormal Encounters in Utah’s Mountains

On this episode of the Silicon Slopes Podcast, Clint meets with Brandon Fugal who is the Chairman at Colliers International, and is widely known as the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch. Brandon shares exciting insights into the start of his career and tells how his fascination with real estate and business drives him today, particularly in entrepreneurship. He speaks on acquiring Skinwalker Ranch and how he was a skeptic at first, but certain events have since changed his mind. They dive into documenting the phenomenon happening at the ranch and going global with otherworldly, mind-bending evidence. Tune in to explore the intersection of science and the paranormal with a dash of entrepreneurship! “I have the most fun representing companies, growing companies, and helping them chart the course for the future. And to be able to not only procure the right concessions and economic package associated with their facilities planning, but to really look at all of the qualitative factors.”

Outline of the conversation:
0:00 Time management with Brandon Fugal
2:10 Why Real Estate?
8:00 Missionary / Real Estate Agent
12:50 Technology real estate deals
24:00 Skinwalker Ranch
52:10 Blending science and religion
1:04:00 Humility for the environment
1:10:50 Government involvement
1:19:00 Artificial intelligence
1:21:10 Cultural artifacts
1:38:00 LDS Church
1:42:00 Social media, Covid 19, WFH

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Duration: 01:54:18