The One-Click "Fur Select" Tool in Photoshop!

Discover a massively underutilized Photoshop tool to precisely select fur or animal hair! This lesson will explore a combination of new and classic techniques to get the best fur and hair selections in Photoshop! We’ll also learn to use the Brush tool’s blend modes to further perfect the mask and select every strand of hair. Finally, as a bonus, we will also learn to remove edge fringe and halos around the fur when you place it on a contrasting background.

I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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► Timestamps:
00:00 The Problem & What We’ll Learn
01:13 Special Button to Select Fur!
02:14 Make the Selection More Precise
03:34 Refine the Mask with Blend Modes
06:13 Remove Edge Fringe on Contrasting Backgrounds
09:27 Quick Recap

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Duration: 00:10:43