The Insider's Guide to InDesign Server

An explanation of Adobe InDesign Server, by the staff of Silicon Publishing, joined by Mike Zahorik of Adobe. Learn what Adobe InDesign Server is, why it exists, how it came to be, and how it is used.

Introduction from Adobe: 3:10
What is Adobe InDesign Server? 7:50
Why Adobe created InDesign Server: 12:26
How InDesign Server came to exist: 13:56
How InDesign Server is used today: 17:13
Database publishing with InDesign Server: 18:07
Online Editing with InDesign Server: 24:47
Automation for InDesign Workgroups: 29:53
Automating InDesign Server: 33:33
Deploying and scaling InDesign Server: 36:10
How to try InDesign Server: 37:44
How to buy InDesign Server: 38:16
Q & A: 39:22

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Duration: 00:52:23