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Nuke X

Digital Domain Institute Final 2012
I applied the roto, tracker, and rotopaint nodes to accurately remove from the shot the water bottle, orange cord, and crew in mirror. On my own utilizing PhotoShop I added in the poster and lcd then composited the Tupac Hologram video over it in Nuke

Digital Domain Institute Beauty Work 2012
I used the roto, tracker, rotopaint, and color correct nodes to remove blemishes from the actors face and change her eye and lip color. On my own I added fangs with the warp node and a cloak with an emblem I created in

Digital Domain Institute Mid-Term 2012
I used the roto and rotopaint nodes to remove the yellow safety rope from the shot. On my own I added in the poster which was created first in PhotoShop.

Digital Domain Institute Complex Animation Roto 2012
Utilizing the roto and tracker nodes I created a matte for this shot. I used the grey, rgb, and overlay checks to review my matte.


Multi Photo Composition Straight Ruckus 2011
Utilizing over 15 photos I created this cover art for a clients book.

After Effects

Compositing & Tracking CFCI 2011
I created the dvd and dvd box in AE, I utilized images from Digital Juice, and filmed the people that would be tracked into the lcd screens. I composited all the elements into the final shot using AE.

Green Screen CFCI 2010
I set up 3 point lighting for the actor and lit the green screen separately. I filmed the actor then brought it into AE and used KeyLight from the Foundry to pull my key. I added a video from Digital Juice and rendered the final image.

After Effects Wedding Intro Straight Ruckus Productions 2012
I filmed all video then took stills and imported them into PhotoShop. I created the individual graphic pieces and set them on individual layers so I could export them back into AE and animate them.

After Effects Church TV Outtro CFCI 2011
Following a tutorial from Video Co Pilot I took the churches logo which I created in PhotoShop and composited it into this shot. I filmed downtown West Palm and used a swipe from Digital Juice to transition into the logo composited over the night sky.

Premiere Pro

Straight Ruckus Music Video 2012
I filmed, lighted, directed, edited, and color graded this video. I used my Cannon T3i with a 50mm prime lens to film.

Duration: 160

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