“The Game” Film Trailer

My first big editing venture was this film trailer. As one of my favorite movies, I chose The Game, the mystery thriller from 1997 featuring Michael Douglas. We dissected several movie trailers to learn their specific editing style, then I dove in. I chose particularly impactful shots since the movie can be low key at times, and I wanted it to come across as more action-packed. Also, I edited the piece to make Michael Douglas’s character seem like the antagonist.

I also used Adobe After Effects to create the text animations and the main title animation at the end. The trailer and motion graphics pieces went through several stages of changes before I settled on a final edit nearly a year later.

Please Note: All video shown is property of Polygram Filmed Entertainment, A&B Productions, Lda., and Propoganda Films and was used for educational purposes only.

Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Duration: 116

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