The Essential Graphics Panel – Your Complete Guide by Premiere Gal

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This free video course on Essential Graphics covers everything you need to know about getting started in the Essential Graphics Panel. It shows you how to use built in motion graphics templates (mogrts), create your own animated mogrts in Premiere Pro, how to make your animations responsive, how to import and modify mogrt packs to use in your own videos and much much more! Full time code list below for all the different chapters and sections.

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0:00 Introduction
1:25 What will you learn?
2:16 Why did Adobe create the Essential Graphics?
3:11 How to open the Essential Graphics Panel?
3:32 Creating a sequence for graphics
3:45 Are the text and shapes vector?
4:08 Browsing Templates
4:24 How to import a .mogrt?
4:40 How to edit a Premiere Pro .mogrt?
5:43 The benefit of using Premiere mogrts?
6:16 How to create text?
6:55 How to center align text?
7:39 Solid Fills and Gradient Fills
8:02 Creative uses of the gradient fill
8:16 Adding a background fill
8:50 How to use Mask with Text?
9:04 How to save a master style?
9:18 Adding a second layer of text
9:58 Use Zoom Controls to align text and shapes
10:17 Responsive Design
10:33 How to Make Background Fills Per Line
11:15 Changing the color of just one word
11:27 How to Pin Layers together?
13:25 How to add a video file into the Essential Graphics Panel?
13:37 Importing background videos
14:19 How to hide layers?
14:41 Adding color effects to the Essential Graphics Panel
15:40 Text Animation
16:16 Creating a Mask
16:40 How to Keyframe Essential Graphics Layers?
17:07 How to make keyframe animation more smooth?
19:39 Responsive Time Handles
20:29 How to Save Your Design as a .mogrt?
20:50 Difference between Premiere mogrts and After Effects mogrts
21:11 How to design After Effects mogrts
21:26 How to add multiple mogrts into Premiere
22:26 Where to download mogrt packs?
23:11 MOGRT Packs I recommend downloading
24:37 Where to find your local templates folder?
25:20 How to Customize a After Effects mogrt?
26:25 How to make your own branded color theme?
26:51 How to add a transparency grid?
27:24 How to save a mogrt you’ve customized?
28:18 How to export with an alpha channel?
28:46 How to open and edit a .mogrt in After Effects?
30:21 Final thoughts and conclusion

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