The Disney/Don Bluth Animation War – The Story of A Rise, Fall & Renaissance

A look at the animation war between Don Bluth and Disney Animation, which saw Bluth’s rise, fall, rise, and fall again throughout the 80s and 90s, and how Disney left The Dark Age of Animation and entered the Disney Renaissance, with both sides of this animation war changing the medium forever.





“The Outliers” – Droid Bishop & Sean Ivry

“Robin Hood” OST – George Bruns

“I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing” – Sleep Fish

“Secret of Nimh” OST – Jerry Goldsmith

“Paradise Warfare” – Carpenter Brut

“Transformation” – Alan Menken

“Castle In The Mist” – Michiru Oshima

“Sweet Sensation” – Traxx

“America Online” and “Vampires” by The Midnight


Duration: 00:34:49