The Best Multiplayer Game in Years – Etek City!

Hi, My name is Jewad and I am a United Kingdom -based Digital Designer, Video Editor, Voiceover, Content Creator, known as GameWalaYT on YouTube with over 2 million views.


I have over four years of industry experience and am excellent in video editing, generating outstanding voice explainer videos, creating thumbnails for material, and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Dimension.

I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in business marketing at the Global Banking School, United Kingdom.

• Expert in video editing, graphic design, and content production.
• Creating a plan and distinct brand identity in preparation for business expansion or online presence.

Notable Achievements:
• Using fresh ideas and techniques, organically building a clients Tiktok account with over 553.6K
Likes and 14.3K Followers (Jomaanga), YouTube channel from 0 to 63.9K followers (GameWalaYT).
• Developing content and a precise and clear brand identity to support Abdul Hadi Traders Ltd’s expansion and online presence.

Duration: 00:00:27