Text Reveal Animation Tutorial in After Effects 2021 | Text Reveal Basics | Track Matte Basics

Looking to find out how awesome text reveal animations are made? Then this video is for you!
In this tutorial I show you a basics of a text reveal in Adobe After Effects. For this I am using Track Matte options, more specifically Alpha Matte and Alpha Inverted Matte options. Track matte option is an essential part of After Effects, which allows you to create awesome text reveals and not only that! This is especially popular in the world of Motion Graphics and Motion Design, since you need to reveal and animate things smoothly. The technique I show you in this video is very useful and especially helpful for beginner motion graphic designers and video editors, since after watching this tutorial you will be able to understand how revealing text works, you will also understand how many premium pack title, lower thirds, call-outs and many other templates work, I also have a dedicated tutorial on my channel where I re-create one of the premium pack titles, which might also be very useful to you after watching this video to better understand how layers interact. You can find the link below

Premium Title Tutorial:

00:00 Intro
00:12 Going Over Track Matte Options
01:47 Creating a basic Text Reveal
02:26 Fun Fact
02:40 Outro (Please, Subscribe)

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3D Electric Intro:
Trendy Logo Animation:
Glitch RGB Effect:
Electric Neon Effect:
Neon Lines Looping BG:
Neon Lines Zooming BG:
Motion Blur Trail:
Smooth Text Reveal:
Liquid Drip Effect:
Shape Transitions:
Animated Shapes Background:
Glowing Torus Background:
Smooth Gradient Background:
Gradient Facecam:
Neon Facecam:
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YouTube End Screen:
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Notification Bell:
Click Effect:
Audio Spectrum/Visualizer:
Circle Bursts:
Export & Import Templates:
Auto Resizing Boxes:
Pendulum Animation:
8D Audio Effect:
Zoom Transition:
Zoom Transition.v2
Panoramic Transition:
Upscale 720p to 4K:
Animated Title:
Stretched Text:
Slow Motion:
Text to Sand/Dust:
Particle Effects:

Smooth Zoom Transitions:

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