Text Effects of Engraving on Metal Plate in Photoshop 2023

The effect of the Engraved-style on woodcut and metal plates can be easily created by the brightness of the texture as the background. This is based on the visual illusion caused by the shadow, the point is to add shadows to the incident angle of light.

00:00 Introduction

[STEP-01] Darken the text surface
00:38 Set Fill Opacity
02:02 Set Color Overlay

[STEP-02] Add an Inner Shadow to the text
03:03 3D Visual Illusion
03:30 Set Inner Shadow

[STEP-03] Add light and shadow to the edges
05:11 Set Bevel & Emboss

Gips strategy: Elevation change by shadow!
The effects of dimples and bulges work on much the same principle. From a visual psychology point of view, up light and down shadow looks bulge. To reverse the 3D visual illusion like this, set the dimpled surface slightly darker. This makes it possible to recognize the sense of distance from the bulge surface.

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photo by Jean-Pierre Pellissier

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Duration: 00:08:02