Text Effect in Photoshop (Lesson 17)

In this video, I have discussed about Text Effect in Photoshop (Lesson 17).
Text effect details
1. Bevel and Emboss:
Depth = 215%
Size = 3
Gloss Contour = Cove deep
Opacity = 52%

2. Contour:
Contour = Rounded steps

3. Texture:
Pattern = Tie dye
Scale = 480(Variable)
Depth = +356

4. Color overlay:
Green color

5. Drop shadow:
Opacity = 100%
Size = 7

This lesson,Text Effect in Photoshop (Lesson 17) is in 2 versions as always. You can either watch the English or the Bangla version.

About the tutorial series:
This is my first video tutorial series on YouTube. I have prepared both Bengali and English versions for the viewers. In this tutorial series, I have discussed starting from the very basics of Photoshop all the way to the advance level tutorials.

This tutorial series is divided into 7 different chapters. Those are:
Chapter-1: Fundamentals of Photoshop
Chapter-2: Different selection tools and their use
Chapter-3: Working with texts in Photoshop
Chapter-4: Use of different photo correction tools
Chapter-5: Image Adjustments
Chapter-6: Filter effects
Chapter-7: Advanced projects and commands

These tutorials are for everyone. So if you are a beginner then you can start from today. If you follow all these lessons and understand everything and practice them well then you will be able to do professional works. So, best of luck.

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English Subtitle:
Hello viewers! I am Rakib. In this lesson, I will show you how you can create text effect in Photoshop using layer style and the result is already in front of you, I will just show you how you can create it. So let’s check this layer above and create a text. Type text effect in Photoshop. So this is our text. Let’s align it to center like this and to apply layer style, we’ll go to: layer, layer style and we will choose the bevel and emboss. Let’s change the depth to 215%, Let’s decrease the size to 3 and change the Gloss contour to this one, that is, cove deep and this opacity to 52% I will put all the values and changes in the video description. So make sure you check it out. first go to: contour and change the contour to rounded steps let’s go to the texture, click here to change it let’s select this Tie dye, change the scale to around 480. By changing the value of scale you can make many variations of this text effect and we will put the depth to positive 356 and let’s go to the color overlay and I will change this color to green you can set it to any color you want, click ok and the last thing is the drop shadow let’s increase the opacity to 100 and this size to 7 After creating it you can change the scale of the texture from here to make variations of this text effect like this. let’s click OK So that’s our text effect and after practicing this text effect, you can change the details slightly or completely to create different text effects. So this one was for creating text effect manually and in next lesson, you will see how to apply text effect that are already existed in Photoshop. So hope to see you guys in the next lesson and thanks for watching this one.

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