Text Effect Gradient Tutorial 2024

Teachers can purchase the google slides directions on my teachers pay teachers website: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Photoshop-2024-Text-Effect-Gradient-Assignment-Google-Slides-11112104

This video: Embark on a Creative Photoshop Journey: Gradient Text Effects Tutorial!
Designed for Photoshop teachers to use in the classroom. Slow paced and intentional to assist learners of all levels.

Empowering Your Teaching: The video acts as your teaching assistant, providing clear instructions and visual cues that resonate with students of various learning styles. No more worrying about pacing issues – let the video guide your students through the creative journey. This assignment will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

What to Expect:
Transformative Learning Experience: The video tutorial is paced perfectly for beginners, guiding students through each step from setting up their document to creating a stunning gradient layer clipped to text. Visual learners will find the detailed clicks and actions extremely helpful.

User-Friendly Navigation: The video provides clear instructions on where to click and what tools to use, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable learning experience for Photoshop newcomers.

You need to know:
Software Version Alert: This assignment was made using Photoshop 2024. If students have an older version installed, please be aware that there might be differences in the functioning of the gradient tool. I recommend updating to the latest version to avoid any confusion.

Submission Instructions: Teachers, make sure to guide your students on submitting their completed assignments. For Google Classroom users, students can upload the entire file. Alternatively, students can export their masterpiece as a PNG file (File – Export – Quick Export as PNG) and submit it accordingly on your learning management system.

Bonus Material:
Accessible Learning Materials: The video, coupled with the supplementary written directions and grading rubric, ensures that every student has access to comprehensive learning materials. It caters to different preferences, whether students thrive on visual demonstrations or prefer step-by-step written instructions. Located on tpt.com

Get ready to embark on this creative journey, armed with the skills to transform text into captivating visual masterpieces!

Duration: 00:15:35