Text animation in Premiere Pro 2023 . #shorts

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Step 1: Keep it steady.

To keep the video from shaking, we’ll need to reduce the movement of the footage. In the Effects panel (Window
Effects), search for Warp Stabilizer. With the clip selected, double-click the effect to add it to your footage. In the Effect Controls panel (Window
Effect Controls), under Stabilization, change the Result to No Motion. This will give the appearance of a steady camera.

Step 2: Add text.

Switch to the Graphics workspace. Press T on your keyboard to use the Type tool. Click and start typing where you want your title to be positioned in the frame. 


You can drag the right edge of the text graphic to match the length of the footage.

Step 3: Add a shadow.

To adjust the text, we used the Komu typeface, made the text large, kept the white fill color, and added a drop shadow to make the title pop.

Step 4: Make a double.

Press and hold the Alt or Option key while dragging the video footage to the top video track to make a copy.

Step 5: Mask for dimension.

Turn the bottom tracks off so that the mask you draw will be easier to see when it’s completed. The portion outside your mask will appear black. 


Make sure you have the top video track selected. In the Effect Controls panel, expand the Opacity section and click the Free Draw Bezier tool. Click to create a point or click and hold to make a curved line. Draw a mask around the track, or the object you’ll want your text to reveal behind. Click the original point to complete the mask.

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