Terry Fox Foundation GIF

In honour of my friend, Yusuf Hirji, I created an animated GIF for the Terry Fox Foundation. Yusuf was an ambassador of the Terry Fox Foundation for many years. He suffered from Osteosarcoma, the same bone cancer that Terry Fox had.

In 1980, Terry Fox ran across Canada to raise awareness and money for cancer research. The Terry Fox Run is now an annual event and has raised over $750 million.

My goal for this GIF was to represent Terry’s strength, not his disability. Three words stuck out to me on the Terry Fox Foundation website: Courage, Hope, and Determination. These three words perfectly describe Terry.

I took each word and continually overlaid them to create a Canadian flag. The overlay of text symbolizes Terry’s influence on others to get involved. I incorporated Canada into this piece because I believe it plays an important role in the story of Terry Fox. I created everything in After Effects and exported my work into Photoshop to create an animated GIF. I chose a large, bold type to represent Terry’s huge impact on the world.

Duration: 12

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