SYNCING TUTORIAL for Video Game Montages – Adobe Premiere

In this video you will learn what to look for when finding a song, how to sync your video game gun shots on the beat and how to use the beat / tempo of the song to help hide improve your flow!

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Finding a song
– Audio not boring, mixes up the tempo.
– Song has to fit the style you are going for with its pacing
– Look at the waveform
– Has easy syncing points, drum tempo / beat drops
– Add red markers on the biggest / important sync points
– Place your best / hypest sniper shots on those red markers

Gunshots on the beat
– Add markers on your clips at sniper shots and enemy deaths
– Sniper shots should always be on the main beat of the song
– Guns that are not snipers do not need to be always on the beat, this can feel over edited
– My suggestion is the last bullet that kills can be on the beat.
– Can use either speed up / slow motion time warps [time remapping] to get your gun shots on the beats or angles to fill in the spaces between your gun syncs, or jump cuts utilizing the beat of the song.

Cutting on the beat
– Time your cuts to be on the beat of the song to improve the flow and help hide the cuts.
– Try to utilize cutting on action to improve the cut
– Try not to cut on every beat or it will get predictable and boring. Letting shots hang longer over multiple beats gives them more power, and can help break up the repetition.
– Don’t cut for the sake of cutting.
– The beat can help you place you cuts but is not restricting you to that timing.

Gear I personally use –
CAMERA: Sony A6500 –
MICROPHONE: Rode VideoMicPro –
MOUSE: Razer Naga –
HEADPHONES: Sennheiser HD280PRO –
LENS – Sigma 18-35 1.8

Duration: 00:11:21