Synaesthetic video

For the synaesthetic video, I used original audio by Michael Mahoney and mixed several videos together and one image in order to create this piece. After effects and Photoshop were the programs mainly used to strengthen this video. There were many technical decisions that had to be made first before completing this piece of work.

I chose three videos and one image. The videos are: a grandfather clock, grass, and water from a fountain in Chicago. The image is a crack in the concrete. Before bringing these files into After Effects, I first changed the image of the concrete in photoshop by changing it to black and white. Each video was also shortened in duration by 30 seconds and the colors were only changed to the grandfather clock by changing the amount of contrast and brightness.

Then the the videos and the image was brought into After Effects. I first added different effects to each video and the image. The image was sharpened, extreme shadows and highlights were applied and roughen the edges. The clock video has an extreme glow and blended with a difference effect. The grass has an extreme glow and blended with a multiple effect. The water video has brightness and contrast added. All the videos‘ opacity was lessened. The clock video is the only layer that has an add blending effect. Than they were placed accordingly. The video begins with the clock, changes into water, then grass and so on and so forth. The video is exported and made into a movie in order to add text.

The text includes the words life, work, and time. The text acts like it is breathing by consistently enlarging and becoming smaller and the words transition through each other. I found the text from titled “Broken Ghost.” Finally, the video was exported and made into the movie.

These technical decisions guided me to create a specific emotion that I felt when I first heard Mahoney’s audio. Mahoney explained that the audio was meant to create a feeling of work. He plays a instrument but is disrupted from the outside world. I took that information an understood it in a personal way. Throughout one’s life, all we do is work and it takes up all of our time. We never get to rest and enjoy the things we love, like playing music. The water was chosen to evoke an emotion of relaxation. The crack in the pavement shows the decay of hard work . The grass video represents when I saw my father mow the lawn. I followed that same motion. The font is also distressed to show a tiring day. I wanted to visually share this audio and visual experience in collaboration with Michael Mahoney.

Duration: 66

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