Survive the Chaos! 2021 Energy shift: 3d To 5d Consciousness (TIME STAMPS BELOW)

Today we will talk about the 2021 Energy Shift & Ascension / 3D to 5D consciousness and the Divine light in all beings. Its tough for sensitive souls to deal with the political chaos happening right now, especially in the USA. But the Divine Plan is unfolding as it should! You will receive channeled messages and some lightcodes at the end!

? Timestamps:

0:00 Intro & Greetings
5:33 Channeled Message about the Divine Light in all beings & the bigger picture
13:00 Current situation, confusion & perspectives
14:03 Negative souls & unity consciousness
15:00 Judgement & belief systems (intro)

16:58 (on blackboard) Perspectives & beliefs, 3D / 5D consciousness
21:25 viewer Q: how to get rid of fear of demons & darkness
22:16 World domination of the C.a.b.a.l & the 3D Matrix
26:48 The Divine Plan vs. The Evil master plan / 44% negative 3D
29:15 Ascending & Descending Timelines
34:22 How Trump cracked the egg
36:20 society, our constitution & birthing new earth
43:10 higher galactic perspectives
45:25 How to turn negative agendas into positive ones / manifestation technique

50:30 Q & A
51:55 How do walk-ins /soul shifts happen?
54:30 Will you do more akashic readings on politicians?
57:22 Are the Lightworkers misleading us (trump being a lightworker etc) ?
59:30 on clearing karma
1:00:45 What are my best prayers
1:01:40 What happens to people who take their own life?
1:03:11 How I use a singing bowl
1:04:00 Nihal starseeds (indigo/crystal chilren)
1:04:55 how do I know my partner is for me?
1:07:18 Can I increase my vibration while eating meat?
1:12:15 How do I know that i am a starseed?
1:14:28 The dangers of channeling
1:18:17 How to ground
1:19:40 Book recommendation: Journey of souls by Michael Newton
1:23:50 How can we help others going through troubles?


Link to video I mentioned: “Who rules the world?”


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Duration: 01:33:56