Sunset Vector Illustration Tutorial for Beginners | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Step by Step Guide to Create a Sunset Vector Landscape Illustration.

Hello world, a few months ago I’ve created a Vector Night Landscape Illustration tutorial. I was not sure what your response would be but you guys surprised me with positive feedback and your practice work shared on Social Media Platforms. I’ve received a lot of comments asking for one more beginner friendly video exactly like this.

So here I’m making one. This is enlightened by the sun. Here I’ve explained each major step without making it much of a speed-art. I did speed up some part though. but you will get that easily.

► If you are facing any problems while working on this tutorial, please describe the problem *in-detail* along with timestamp (mm:ss)

► Here are links to the video I mentioned in this video:

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► I hope you’ll learn something out of it. 🙂
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