Summer ’17 Demoreel

00:01-00:31: Reich
Responsible for look development on Mansion
Software used: Maya, Mari, Nuke, Arnold, Photoshop, After Effects

An opening for a TV Show showcasing an eerie yet beautiful photorealistic environment. For this shot, I’m responsible for shading and texturing the mansion as the audience is being guided very slowly towards it.
Most of the texturing were done procedurally unless a specific element is required to be painted in such as the mosses that are growing on the walls as well as some broken walls. This is one of the six shots that are currently in progress.

00:31-00:55: Vows
Responsible for look development on Carl’s Room
Software used: Maya, Mari, Nuke, RenderMan, Photoshop, After Effects

An animated senior film about a couple’s wedding day. The look of the entire film is highly inspired by Big Hero Six, stylised yet still retains realistic look. The film is still a work in progress and I am responsible for the entire waiting room. Most of the texturing are done procedurally in RenderMan unless I’m required to paint in a specific element such as banners/text then I would bring the object into Mari and paint it out.

00:55 – 01:00
Softwares used: Maya, zBrush, Mari, Nuke, Renderman RIS, After Effects, Photoshop, Topogun, UV layout

A creature that I made from scratch, I started out modeling it in zBrush. Once I finished the base model with the righ volume, I started sculpting in details while also working on retopologizing with Topogun. I made a couple of UV tiles since I want to have the highest resolution for the creature. Textured in mari and rendered in Renderman.

Duration: 70

Likes: 4