Stylin’ with InDesign 2023 – with Russell Viers and Tim Möbest | Adobe Live

Even if you’re a Styles aficionado with InDesign, there’s always something new to learn, like the way the newest version’s Style Packs can change the way many people work. But even as cool as the new stuff is, there’s still a lot of hidden power in features that have been around awhile.

Join Russell Viers as he shows you some of his favorite document-building techniques using Styles. And that’s ALL of them, mind you, including Paragraph, Character, Object, Table and Cell. You’ll not only see how to use styles to build a document faster, and with more consistency, but also how to keep things flexible for quick, easy, last-minute design changes and edits.

And for added fun, Russell will show you some cool design tricks you can add to a document that take ZERO extra time to produce and some other benefits of using Styles.

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Duration: 01:42:05