Step By Step 3D CHROME Logo And Text Effect – PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL

Follow along step by step and learn how to create a 3D chrome effect for any logo or type!

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0:00 Start
0:35 Document Setup and Logic
1:24 Workspace Setup
1:38 Bringing In Your Logo Or Text
2:24 3D Look With Layer Style Options
3:00 Bevel And Emboss Settings
4:25 Inner Shadow Settings
5:07 Satin Settings
5:40 Gradient Overlay Settings
7:28 Adding A Curves Adjustment Layer
8:22 Adding A Gradient Map
8:47 The Gradient Editor For Beginners
9:47 Coloring Your Design
12:20 My Gradient Settings
12:29 Tricking Out Your Design Further
12:46 Skillshare Ad
13:23 Creating A Flare From Scratch
17:09 Adding Flares To Your Design
19:07 Editing A Smart Object
19:56 Adding Noise To Your Design
20:58 The Final Product And Bonus Tip
21:48 Bloopers

Duration: 00:22:47