State of the City – Media Package

This package was created for an Live awards presentation in Santa Monica. The video was produced by Robin Gee, shot in HD by Chris Ley and edited by Miguel Siqueiros.

I created the graphics at the tail-end of the video and the media clips thereafter. The State City logo was created first in Photoshop and then in 3D Max. The 3D logo was animated with custom raytrace metallic maps and exported as RPF files. The RPF render sequences was imported into After Effects with Z depth and Material ID information. That information was use to animated the depth of field and isolate each object for effects. The glow effects where added to each layer in After Effects with standard and trapcode plugins.

The lower 3rd and full-screen flat graphics was first created in Photoshop and given the animated color effects in After Effects. The particle effects was created in After Effects with Particular Plug-in. All the text and background video is stand in content for demo purposes.

Duration: 24

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