Speed Art : Photoshop manipulation speed art tutorial / The Writer: Free Adobe iStock images

The Book Photoshop manipulation Tutorial The Writher: Free Adobe iStock images.

This is my very first photoshop speed art manipulation,
In this video I created a beautiful photo manipulation of a writer sitting next to her typewriter conjuring up dolphins and whales to tell a story of the sea and land and our planet.

In this tutorial learn how to use the blending modes and the masking layer and also more about filters. We will also learn how to use lighting effect and to add a glow effect to the artwork.
I hope that you enjoy this video and thank you for watching.

Here are all the images that are used in this Photoshop Manipulation Speed Art.

The Lighthouse and Oil Lamp in this creation are By Stewart Michael Bruce. I don’t have links to these photos so I have added links down below to Adobe iStock under extra photos.

1: Gray abstract fog realistic smoke overlay black sky textured on black.
By Visualism shorturl.at/kCJQ0

2: Bottlenose Dolphin jump to sky on white isolated background
By Chonlasub shorturl.at/kEHU6

3: HDR photo of elephant
By eranda shorturl.at/fsS36

4: Backpacker traveler in Bagan Mandalay Myanmar
By Sutipond shorturl.at/mpC38

5: Atlantic spotted dolphins
By m. letschert shorturl.at/nxH35

6: Resurface
By Stefano shorturl.at/mqyEQ

7:full length portrait of lady wearing leather coat and black clothing, isolated on white background.
By faestock shorturl.at/ntLMQ

8: Broken bulb, isolated white background
By supachai shorturl.at/absDE

9: set of clouds on black background
By sommai shorturl.at/oruJV

10: water splash isolated on black background
By treerasak shorturl.at/emKX2

11: Breaching Humpback Whale off St. Marie Coast Madagascar
By Miguel shorturl.at/sxD15

12: Space galaxy background
By Rawpixel.com shorturl.at/drCW1

13: White powder explosion isolated on black background.White dust particles splash.
By Pattadis shorturl.at/jmHTX

14: Explosion on water surface isolated on black background, close up view. Water bubbles underwater and in air, black background for overlays design, screen blending mode layer See Less
By eriksvoboda shorturl.at/dfhEH

15: Abstract white powder explosion on a black background.Freeze motion of white powder splash.
By Pattadis shorturl.at/ahBHM

16: Milky way,galaxy,cosmos on dark sky
By zodar shorturl.at/acfgF

17: white cloud smoke on black background
By supamas shorturl.at/jASUX

18: One open old book on a glass table. Beautiful dark background….
By Oleksandr shorturl.at/auIZ4

19: Dark street, wet asphalt, reflections of rays in the water. Abstract dark blue background, smoke, smog. Empty dark scene, neon light, spotlights. Concrete floor.
By MiaStendal shorturl.at/syE23

20: Abstract fog and smoke on black color background.
By ijeab shorturl.at/bruRT

21: White cloud object for nature design summer background.
By taira42 shorturl.at/oGIJ3

22: White cloud object for nature design summer background.
By taira42 shorturl.at/juQS1

23: Pirate ship sailing on the ocean at sunset
By Photocreo Bednarek shorturl.at/elvIQ

24: blonde girl with suitcase and umbrella is staying on a rolled haystack in field in sunset time
By Masson shorturl.at/rxFG4

25: White fog or smoke on dark copy space background, smoke effect for your photos.
By nguyen khanh vukhoa shorturl.at/bkE03

26: dolphin jumping out of water
By FPLV shorturl.at/oEGV6

27: Earth And Moon Top View Background
By brutto film shorturl.at/eszMX

Extra Photos:

1: Seascape at sunset. Lighthouse on the coast
By sandsun shorturl.at/esGK3

2: Leuchturm Westerhever, Nordsee, Wahrzeichen, Nordfriesland, Panorama
By Lars Gieger shorturl.at/gjnJK

3: The Lighthouse at Pigeon Point – California
By Kenneth Keifer shorturl.at/fvzKN

4: Oil lamp at night on a dark background – old Lantern vintage classic black
By Engdao shorturl.at/lEG46

5: Lantern at dark in the forest at wintertime. Hiking, wilderness and peace concepts. Copy space. Blurred background.
By raland shorturl.at/ixEGX

Duration: 00:49:21