Soundwave Promo

I just finished a promotional video for the upcoming CD compilation Soundwave. It will be sold at starting June 25, and at all Van’s Warped Tour dates. 12Fruits is a social networking site for bands. Go take a look at the site soon, because we will have our very first advertisement up there pretty soon.

I was given the cover art for the CD, band pictures, and logos. I decided to create a promo that matched the style of the cover. I used Photoshop to create the polaroids of each band as well as all the text and the faint red lines in the background. I animated all the assets in After Effects with a little help from Andrew Kramer’s fantastic Twitch plugin. The flying plus sign was modeled, textured, lit, and animated to loop in Maya. I then set the PNG sequence as a custom particle in Trapcode Particular.

Duration: 54

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