Every sound effect of mine in this tutorial/video :
Sound design in our filmmaking process is extremely important, it’s not something I’ve always paid a lot of attention to but the more I’ve progressed as a creator/filmmaker in this industry I’ve learnt the power of sound effects and how it can have such a strong impact on our visuals and the emotion of the audience.

In this tutorial of a basic travel style montage/film I touch on a few tips and topics on how to manipulate sound effects and where to use various elements such as risers, drones, ambience, underscores and transition type sound design to bring your visuals to life.

I created this Essential Flow SFX pack/bundle with my close friend and composer Daniel Deuschle after realising I owned so many different sound packs and only used 1 or 2 sounds from each. So we set out to create over 120+ essential sound elements for creators who want to add another layer of depth to their edits. This sound effect pack is something I’ve been incorporating into my edits and found is extremely useful for various types of edits. I really hope these essential sounds can be of use to others and after time we could continue to cater more variety for all your needs.

All the sick ass stock footage I used by the way was from ArtGrid –

// Our Essential Flow SFX –

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My personal collection of colour grading looks/LUTs :
// Explore Travel LUTs –

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// Bryn North
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Edit music playlist –

// Daniel Deuschle
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MusicBed –

Gear :
Polar Pro Variable ND’s (Peter Mckinnon series).
Dji Ronin S
Panasonic Lumix Gh5
Metabones speedbooster Ultra
Canon 70-200mm f4, Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, Sigma 50-100mm f1.8.
Dji Mavic pro 2
Zoom H1n
Macbook Late 2017 15″
Edited in Adobe premiere Pro

Duration: 00:13:12

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