Some Cool text effects inside Photoshop (Lesson 18)

In this video, I have discussed how to apply Some cool text effects inside Photoshop (Lesson 18). Those text effects are:
1. Thin outline
2. Medium outline
3. Bold outline
4. Brushed metal
5. Cast shadow
6. Clear emboss
7. Sprayed stencil
8. Water reflection Photoshop action
9. Wood paneling
10. Confetti

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English Subtitle:
Hello viewers! I am Rakib. In this lesson, I will show you some of the cool text effects that are inside Photoshop, and how you can apply them in your text by using just a single click. So these are the 10 effects that I will show you how to create. So let’s check this layer first, and type some text here. So our layer is behind this background. We have to bring it in front like this. Let’s create a duplicate layer and select this layer and go to the action panel which is here. You may not see it here. If you can’t see it then you need to go to: Window, and Actions and then it will appear. So when you are in the action pallete, you may only see this default actions then you have to click here and select this text effects and this text effects will appear here and then you can select any of these text effects to apply in your text. So, let’s do it. So our layer is selected, if we select this action and click the Play button, that Thin outline text effect will be applied here. Duplicate this layer, before you apply this text effects in your text, make sure you change this foreground color to a different color than this background because any of these action can use this foreground color and if it does then the color of the text will be the same as this background and so it will seem to be disappeared. So let’s select this second text layer and choose this Medium outline action and click to play. So this is our second text effect. Let’s duplicate it again. Each time I am creating a duplicate layer before applying the action, because some of these actions may rasterize this text layer and you will lose the editing ability of this text. So it is a good practise to keep a backup copy before you go through this process. Let’s select this layer and choose the Bold outline and play it. So that’s our third effect. Let’s duplicate. Let’s select the Brushed metal, click here. This is our Brushed metal effect. Let’s select this one and select the Cast shadow, click here, so that’s the Cast shadow effect and you can also change the positioning of this effect like this. Let’s duplicate. Again let’s select this layer, and select the Clear emboss and click here, so that’s the Clear emboss effect. Select the Sprayed stencil. Select this layer and click Water reflection, that’s our Water reflection effect. Let’s click this Wood paneling effect, so here is the Wood paneling effect and the last one is the Confetti. You can also change the opacity of this effect like this. You may wonder what these actions are. Basically, these are a series of commands which are recorded and you can apply these commands in any text you want. I will show you how can create these kind of actions by yourself in the chapter 7 which is the last chapter of this tutorial series and as you can see, there are some other text effects but those have some issues so, you can’t use them with just a one click and a few of them are not that good to use. So, among these text effects, I like this Sprayed stencil the most. You can also let me know which one you like the most in the comment section. So thanks for watching this video. With this lesson we have completed our chapter 3 and from the next lesson we will start chapter 4 which is about different correction tools. So, hope to see you guys in the next lesson.

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