Solve Product Design ASSIGNMENTS like a Pro: ULTIMATE GUIDE to Cracking Problem Statements!

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Want to learn how to solve product design problem statements? How to crack take-home assignments and whiteboarding challenges? In this tutorial, I share tons of tips and tricks on what product design process to follow to solve any problem statement or design assignment with real examples

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🔹 Table of Contents
00:00 Setting Context (Do not skip)
01:36 Types of Design Assignments
02:18 Examples of POOR Problem Statements
07:07 What about Redesign Projects?
08:33 7 Categories of Problem Statements
12:52 Discover Problem Statements on my Instagram Account
13:24 How to allocate time?
16:14 Close-ended vs Open-ended Problem Statements
17:52 Step 1: Prepping the Problem Statement
21:11 Example: Prepping the Problem Statement
29:10 Step 2: Defining Users and Identifying Problems
29:40 Example: Defining the User
34:38 Methods of Identifying Problems?
35:31 How to find problems by creating a User Journey
40:35 Creating a User Story
42:08 Framing ‘How Might We’ Statements
43:47 Step 3: Identifying Solutions and Designing
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Duration: 00:47:26