In this short tutorial I explain how to create this smoke melted text effect.

You can download the full editable PSD here:

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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: TD5XJPR7KHOJV9SK

How to create:
First I created a 4500 x 3000, 300 dpi file.
With command or control I, I inverted the background making it black and added my text.

Then, I converted it to a Smart Object.

On the Smart Object I applied directional blur with an angle of 90 and a distance of 60.
Then I applied gaussian blur with a 15 pixel radius

Now, to make the distorted letters effect, I used liquify.

You can distort the text however you like.

You can download this complete and editable file on my gumroad page, link In description.

To give a final touch of distortion I added the wave effect, in my case I wanted a slight distortion, but you can also increase the values

We will now apply the color.

Double click on the Smart Object layer; open the layer style, select color overlay, with normal bland mode and a color of your choice.

Now, duplicate the layer 3 times with command or control J.

Turn off the first layer, on the third, apply the Guassian Blur effect with a radius of 35 or greater, this effect is used to create a halo behind the writing and make it more nuanced when we apply the grain.

Activate the first layer and open the layer style, apply gradient overlay and choose a gradient.

Apply satin with bland mode set to linear dodge and with a color similar to the gradient.

Finally apply Bevel & Emboss to give it a more three-dimensional shape.

In the last step, I increased the saturation and fixed the satin effect to make it more homogeneous and shaded, then I added a grain filter and corrected some distorted parts of the text.

Here is the final result!

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Duration: 00:03:04