SLITSCAN Effect Video Tutorial (After Effects)

EXTRA INFO: To increase the RESOLUTION, apply ‘Frame-Blending’ to the video layer. DO NOT set it to ‘Pixel Motion’, just the normal Frame-Blending. Also it helps if you use slow motion video. Video shot at a high frame rate and then slowed down in After Effects. Finally, make sure you set the bitdepth of your project to 16 bits per channel instead of the default 8 bits per channel. You can do that by Alt-Clicking on the 8bpc at the bottom of the project panel.

Tutorial 3. This tutorial deals with the SlitScan or Gradual Time Displacement effect as seen in the Muse video ‘Unintended’ or in some of KickThe PJ’s videos.

Make sure when you try this yourself that your video is shot from a tripod. The background needs to remain static.

If you are lucky enough to have access to the Sapphire plugins suite then you’ll find an effect in the Sapphire Time folder, called S_TimeSlice which is an excellent plugin to do slitscan with and gives great resolution too.

Duration: 00:05:32

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