Sky Replacement with 3D-Camera Movement in After Effects – Cloud Pack – Tutorial 004

This advanced tutorial will cover how to do sky replacements on shots that have 3D camera movement. I will go through my process of motion tracking the footage, looking at reference images and composing the final shot with overcast cloud assets.

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I would like to thank Gagan Nayar Singh for allowing me to use the footage from his upcoming short film Famished for this visual effects tutorial. Sky-replacement is an essential step in the visual effects pipeline to emphasise the mood/feeling a scene should provide. This tutorial goes over several advanced techniques for creating perfect luma mattes for your sky replacement. I will also cover some smaller but useful compositing techniques as doing a light wrap and matching the noise from the backplate.

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Have been using them myself for Matte Paintings and compositing for Sky Replacements.
The images are all (5184 x 3456px) .CR2 files.
You can Drag and Drop the .CR2 files in most Photo or Video editing software.

The images have been left unedited to give you the most control for your project.


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